It’s well known that American culture has had at least a spark of influence in any other country’s culture and. Music and language are the best examples here, but if there’s a sign that Americans have spread their culture all around the world is food. Most countries have developed their own way to make burgers and barbecues, but American cuisine goes way beyond that. Let’s take a look on the best dishes in the following Top 5!

Our countdown starts with a dessert. Apple pie is the most loved sweet dish in the 50 states. Even when it was not invented in America but introduced by Dutch and English immigrants during the colonization, Americans found a way to make them theirs and prepare them with love and care. It consists on a pastry dough base filled with apple pieces and apple cream, covered in pastry dough ornaments and then baked. It’s common to be delighted with this dish during Thanksgiving, one of the most American holidays.

Next up, we find a mix of ingredients from all around the world that came to be an American delight. The Reuben Sandwich counts with all the taste of corned beef (preserved in salty water and cooked in vinegar); sauerkraut, a thinly chopped and fermented cabbage (with German origins); Swiss cheese and Russian dressing, a tasty sauce with mayonnaise and ketchup base. This mix was delivered by a grocery store owner called Reuben Kulakofsky in Omaha. Even when it’s not that popular, its tradition and great taste make it one of the most delicious American dishes.

Now, an American classic, the Meatloaf. This is a controversial dish because there are infinite ways to prepare it and families have waged figurative wars on which recipe is better. The point is that having a meatloaf for diner is a synonym of tasting mom’s cuisine talents and sharing family moments. It’s incredible how something so simple like seasoned ground beef baked on a loaf mold and served with meat sauce or even ketchup can be so delightful.

Moving on to homemade dishes, we can find the Biscuits and Gravy. This plate saw light for the first time during the Revolutionary War waged against the British Empire when southern colonies started to make gravy as a breakfast option because of food shortages and mixed them with the Imperial biscuits. Nowadays, gravy includes pork sausages, tiny pieces of meat and bacon and biscuits are made using lard and buttermilk.

Last, it’s mandatory to mention the greatest banner of American cuisine, the Hamburger. This dish gained popularity across the world thanks to fast food chains. There is an infinite amount of variations all around the globe, but the classic American burger consist in a disc of well cooked seasoned ground beef, cheddar cheese, onion, lettuce tomato and pickles between a pair of buns. It’s always served with some French fries on a side.

America has an incredible cuisine and this countdown is proof of it. Have you tried these dishes?