Food is a need that we all have, but it is also a pleasure, it is an art to know how to combine textures, flavors even the way to present a dish is art, it is a very tasty profession that brings a lot of pleasure and benefits to everyone, provided that we avoid gluttony and take care of our health.


In this world we can find a lot of different cultures with very different styles, customs and obviously, food, each country has its own national dish, and the cuisine of each country has its own “personality” made of the flavors, the foreign influences and even the geography, that brings certain kind of ingredients more than others.


Peru, land of contrasts and tasty food


Peru is a lovely country, located in the west side of South America is one of the biggest countries of this continent, with amazing landscapes, modern cities like Lima (the capital) and historical and mythical places like Machu Picchu, they have a long coast at Pacific Ocean, beautiful mountains, and very nice and cheerful people.


Peruvian people are really in love of their food, any Peruvian you can ask about it will tell you with excitement how tasty their food is and they surely will want to share it with pleasure, and they have a flavor of their own, their food is usually spicy and many dishes are based in sea products, but they also eat chicken and beef.


5 amazing Peruvian dishes


This is the top five of Peruvian dishes, which each Peruvian will recommend you immediately


1- Ceviche, this is the Peruvian national dish, traditionally is made with sea bass (corvina) marinated in lime juice, onion, salt and hot chilies (aji), the leftover marinade is known as “leche de tigre” (tiger’s milk), it is served cold.


2- Causa, it means “cause”, it is a classic Peruvian dish, made with mashed potatoes is made like a lasagna, mashed potatoes are blended with lime, oil and yellow chili sauce, over it a mix of shredded tuna,  salmon or chicken with mayo is placed, then layers of avocado, hard boiled eggs and olives, then more potatoes mix and so on, it is served cold.


3- Lomo Salteado (Stir-fried beef, this is a very popular dish among Peruvians and everyone who eat it, is an example of the foreign influences in local cuisine, is a fusion of Chinese stir-frying and classic Peruvian ingredients, stripes of soy-marinated beef, onions, tomatoes, aji chilies, and other spices, are stir-fried.


4- Suspiro a la Limeña, its name means “whisper of a Lima lady” is very popular, especially in the city of Lima, is a combination of “dulce de leche” or caramelized sugar and smooth meringue.


5- Aji de Gallina or Aji de Pollo, is a chicken and chili dish that includes shredded chicken, yellow chili, bread or crackers, parmesan, pecan, onion, garlic and a few other ingredients.