We have to be thankful for everything Latin people have shared so gently with us to the point that our culture has been influenced with it. We have seen Latin friends dance to the amazing rhythms of salsa and merengue, Latin songs that are listened everywhere, from radios on towing service trucks to even the ex-President’s Spotify playlist. But if there’s one thing we should thank Latin people for is their food. Their hands are blessed when it comes to prepare the dishes that count with a great variety of tastes. There are many dishes to try out, but these are the ones you must taste!

Let’s start with one of the most versatile dishes of them all, arepas. Born in Venezuela, and well eaten in Colombia as well, arepas are basically a thick tortilla made out of corn dough. They are served as companions of bigger dishes, but they can be a full meal. There are almost infinite ways to fill an arepa which can include beef, pork, chicken, black beans, avocados, cheese, tuna, sausages, chicharrón or any combination of those ingredients. Nowadays, there are areperas in almost every city of the world so it’s easy to give it a try.

Staying on the mood of eating with our bare hands, it’s impossible to leave out tacos. You only need to have some corn or wheat tortillas, ground beef, vegetables such as lettuce, onions, chopped tomatoes, cheese or any other filling that crosses your mind. Once you fill a tortilla and give it the first bite you’ll be travelling to another dimension where good taste is the rule. There are many American adaptations of this dish, but the best choice will always be to eat it as traditional as possible.

It’s impossible not to think about sweet preparations such as alfajores. Argentina came up with these layers of dulce de leche sandwiched between two soft cookies that are nice to eat at any time of the day. There are variations that include shredded coconut or a chocolate cover. They are perfect if they count with a coffee or tea cup as companion that can help you bear the Argentinean winters.

Next up, there are the tamales. This dish is so common around Latin America that almost every country and even every region of each country has its own way to prepare them. They consist in corn dough filled with mostly a nice guiso made out of ground or chopped beef or pork, then wrapped in a previously smoked banana leaf or corn husk and cooked under steam. Of course, when you get to eat it, you’ll have to discard the cover to get to the tasty part. Tamales are amazingly loved by Latin people; there are those who eat it as a daily meal and those who eat on special occasions such as holidays.

Latin people have an incredible amount of things in common, and good taste is one of them. Taste their food and you will know why!